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Central Texas Parks Access Guide

Art Spark Texas - ATXgo! program is proud to present our (work in progress) Central Texas Parks Access Guide—a searchable database of state and local parks in Travis, Bastrop and Caldwell Counties. More than ever, we need outdoor spaces to social distance safely and enjoy the health benefits of spending time out in nature. Art Sparks Texas is a long-time partner of parks organizations in Central Texas and we proud to provide this access guide to our community. Visit the Central Texas Parks Access Guide to begin your search: Park Search

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Are you interested in photography and verifying accessible park amenities near you? We are looking for park enthusiast, interested in visiting central texas parks, with access to a mobile phone (with camera) and internet access. An understanding of accessibility encouraged but not required. After filling out the volunteer form, you will attend a brief information session on accessibility and you can visit one or several parks in your area.

In 2015, Self-advocate speakers from Art Spark Texas, formerly VSA Texas' Opening Minds, Opening Doors program discuss accommodations they would like to see in their parks system.

St David's Foundation: Envisioning Parks with a Purpose

Think about your favorite park. Why do you go there? How do you feel there? How does it help you to get and stay healthy? Imagine if all people had easy access to safe, vibrant park spaces where they could gather in community with their family, friends, and neighbors of all ages and abilities. Where visitors could find a range of amenities that support the different ways that different people enjoy being active—nature walks, play, swimming, pickup sports—with design features that mitigate the Texas heat. Where greenery, native plants, and water features invite users to stop and smell the roses, breathe deeper, and shed some of the stress they carry through life.

St. David’s Foundation believes that all people in Central Texas need and deserve such parks, which is a crucial component of any community’s public health strategy. There is much work to be done. Park inequity maps to the same places that disproportionately harbor health inequity. There are numerous historical (e.g., segregation, underinvestment) and modern (e.g., long commutes, technology) barriers that prevent underserved residents from using parks and, by extension, reaping the health benefits. While getting 100% of the community to use parks on a regular basis is beyond aspirational, opportunities to convert more seldom and non-users into park lovers exist at every turn.

Because community park need far ouneedstpaces available resources, the Foundation engaged the Trust for Public Land to create the Healthy Parks Plan for Travis, Bastrop, and Caldwell Counties (Parks Plan) to support strategic investments. Click here to learn more.

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Let's go to the Park!

We hope to feature Art Spark Texas programming at area parks when it is safe for us to gather together.


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